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Expedition In 2017: Visited Sumba

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Family Goes To National Park
Family Goes To National Park: Trekking In MaTaLaWa National Park (Credit foto by:

This our first expedition in 2017 and the 5th for our #familygoestonationalpark mission, we visited Sumba, an island in East Nusa Tenggara. As our family mission, we explored Matalawa National Park.

Matalawa National park is an integration from 2 National Parks in Sumba, Manupeu Tanah Daru and Laiwangi Wanggameti. Officially integrated in 2016, the MaTaLaWa National Park is home to 84 species of birds, 10 species of mammals, 49 species of butterflies, 29 species of reptiles, 173 different types of trees and more. Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara is known for its natural and cultural attractions, such as savannahs, sandalwood horses, traditional villages and also ancient war ritual festival.

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